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Some of the most powerful insights are actually quite simple ones. For example, “perception is reality” ... changing perceptions means that you can change reality.

You know your business but do you know your clients? More importantly, do you actually know how your clients perceive you and your relationship with them? Empirical research has shown that regardless of business methods and practices, success hinges on the quality and strength of the relationships you create with your clients. Applied Psychoanalytics quantifies the strength of these key relationship components for you. Armed with this understanding, we can provide you with targeted training and interventions that allow you and your teams to best deploy your interpersonal assets and to turn areas of weakness into areas of strength.

Why Applied Psychoanalytics?

Training and experience in psychiatry and psychoanalysis offers the partners of Applied Psychoanalytics specific skill sets that are generally lacking in most professions, including “multiple ways to listen”. Knowing how to listen is essential in order to identify objectives, obstacles, and what is left unspoken yet nevertheless expected when two human beings work together towards a goal.

Our FASI, BCSI and other “listening products” are your “third ear.” Coupled with our targeted “intervention” services, we will open up a whole new world for you to significantly enhance your critical business relationships. Research has shown that strengthening client relationships in these ways will increase client retention and lead to more business from the same client. Listening and properly intervening is invaluable for any profession, but particularly important for professional service firms like financial advising, consulting, accounting, medicine and the law. If you are getting paid by a client for your expertise and anticipate engaging with your clients over the long term, join us to discover powerful new ideas that will positively change the reality of your business relationships.

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