About Applied Psychoanalytics

Applied Psychoanalytics, LLC is a joint collaboration of Dr. David Garfield, a psychoanalyst, and Dr. Daven Morrison, an organizational psychiatrist.

Dr. Garfield is a graduate of The University of California at San Francisco's School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School's residency in Psychiatry at the Massachussetts Mental Health Center and Chicago's Institute for Psychoanalysis, where he serves on the faculty. He is Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Chair for Psychotherapy and Training Director in Psychiatry at Chicago Medical School. He is the author of several books on psychotherapy along with the behavioral economics classic, "The Psychology of Smart Investing". (Wiley, 1992)

Dr Morrison is a graduate of University of Illinois and Case Western University Hospital Residency program. He is an advisor to senior executives and their organizations around interpersonal effectiveness. He is a past president of the Academy of Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry, a Board member of the Committee on Work and Industry for the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry and an advisor to the Institute for Fraud Prevention on White Collar Crime in the C-suite. He is co-authoring a book on Behavioral Forensics: Bringing Freud to Fraud (Wiley, Summer 2012)

Applied Psychoanalytics relies on 50 years of research in Psychoanalysis and the Behavioral Sciences to bring new proprietary products and services to the financial industry, the accounting industry and the consulting industry for relationship management. It's FASI--The Financial Adviser's Strength Index- is being rapidly adopted by the financial industry as a profile measure of the success of the client-adviser relationship.