What is The FASI™?

The FASI™ is a tool for Financial Advisers that measures five essential interpersonal skill sets that make for an enduring bond with clients. These include the Adviser’s ability to create

  1. An environment of Alignment;
  2. A Team feeling;
  3. A communication process of "Mutual Navigation"
  4. Forge Durability in the bond; and
  5. Provide an experience of Respect and Appreciation for what the client brings to the table.

Research has shown that it is the client’s perception of these qualities, not the Adviser’s, that determine a successful relationship. The FASI™ allows you to tap into a composite profile of your client’s perceptions of your interpersonal skill.

Why Does the FASI™ matter?

Two research studies by Applied Psychoanalytics, along with JDPowers and Associates, has shown statistically significant increases in:

across 8 major broker dealers and within one broker dealer. This emerging FASI™ ROI story is compelling. Furthermore, based on 50 years of research in psychoanalysis and the behavioral sciences, the FASI™ serves as an important relational foundation for ethical behavior.

By signing up, you will have the opportunity to access 10 client survey codes for your use in surveying how your clients feel about the relationship you have with them, access to the results of the survey, and a one on one consultation session with one of our team members to discuss the results of your individual scores.

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